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The freedom to grow at your pace

Many optical networking solutions are designed with tier 1 service providers in mind. They may be more powerful – and expensive – than you need. As bandwidth needs in your backbone network increase, you need a solution that gives you the freedom to upgrade bit rates and mix and match network elements from multiple vendors. This is the key to being prepared for future changes and ensuring cost efficiency over time, both now and in the future.

Break free from vendor lock-in and be flexible with open solutions. Upgrade to 400G and run low-cost 100G with zero licensing fees. Easy-to-use and future-proof open line systems, ROADMs, muxponders, optics with long reach, and management software empower disaggregated networking. We also offer active/passive solutions for back-hauling broadband networks and 5G. All to help you build your regional network more flexibly than ever before with the best possible cost efficiency.

Leaving no one behind

We help you give the best connectivity to your community with open solutions tailored to your specific needs in rural settings.

Freedom to choose best-of-breed

Zero licensing fees with interoperable open line systems and open ROADMs that can be mixed and matched with other best-of-breed network elements.

Unprecedented ease of use

Solutions that are designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible.

Low cost – high speed

Cost-efficient and future-proof upgrade paths to increase backbone network capacity at your pace.

Outstanding energy efficiency

Sustainable solutions designed for optimized power consumption and fiber utilization with small footprints.


Cost efficiency is absolutely crucial for us. We have to be very creative when designing our networks and we like creative companies to work with, like Smartoptics. Their small footprint offering, hands-on approach and medium size are a great fit for rural CSPs like us.

Mike Jones, Central Office Manager, Consolidated Telephone Co.

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Solution Brief

Opening up a new era of flexible networking

Discover the differences between the traditional and new methods of building networks and how a hybrid approach combines the best of these for regional networks. This guide will show you what network elements are best for regional networks and how to manage them to make your network more flexible.


Sometimes there’s just one small gap in a network design that a rural telco isn’t sure how to solve. Smartoptics has an offering that can fill some of those gaps with great interoperability and flexibility – all at an unbeatable price point.

Jody Murschel, Network Manager, West River Telecommunications

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B4RN brings 400G broadband to rural north of UK with open solutions

Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) was launched in 2011 to bring world-leading full fiber broadband speeds to underserved areas of the rural north of England. As a community benefit society, any surplus made is put back into the communities the intern...
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Nebraskan Consolidated enables cost-efficient multi-vendor network

With rapidly increasing internet traffic in 2021, Consolidated’s 10G internet backhaul was exceeding capacity and it was time to upgrade to 100G. The incumbent transport vendor was experiencing long lead times and could not deliver a solution in a reas...

Interoperable optics deliver long reach for West River Telecommunications network in Dakotas

Around mid 2021, WRT’s backbone network, which carried over 30Gbps of Internet traffic as well as mobile backhaul for major carriers, was almost at full capacity. WRT leveraged an existing partnership with Calix to deploy the AXOS-powered E9-2 platform...

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Expanding your network horizons

Get more out of your fiber network

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