We increase bandwidth by allowing data streams at different frequencies to be sent over a single optical fiber network

Wavelength Division Multiplexing

This is WDM

Organizations thrive on communication — a flow of data that runs between divisions and people powering progress. Fiber optic cables are roads that carry information from office to office, site to site, country to country. Wavelength Division Multiplexing, WDM, increases bandwidth by allowing different data streams to be sent over a single optical fiber network, optimizing the usage of the fiber. Our vision is to make this happen in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible

Many organizations have yet to discover the benefits of WDM networking and how it can be used to maximize network investments. Here we have collected all you need to know about WDM to get the most out of your fiber network: articles, guides, videos and use cases.

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What is WDM – free guide

Learn how using WDM will expand your network’s capacity

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The basics of Wavelength Division Multiplexing, WDM

Wavelength division multiplexing, WDM, has long been the technology of choice for transporting large amounts of data between sites and optimize optical network performance.

Learn the basics of WDM


The difference between CWDM and DWDM

Choosing between CWDM or DWDM? Which of the two key WDM technologies is best suited to a given environment depends on the network and user requirements.

CWDM and DWDM explained

how it's done

Four ways to transport data over an optical network

A closer look at the most common ways of transporting data over a fiber network is by using single channel connectivity, embedded WDM solutions or active WDM platforms.



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