Getting the most from dark fiber

To address the constant and ever-growing demand for bandwidth-hungry services and applications, enterprises require simple, cost-effective and scalable networking solutions. Corporate data centers also need to transport, store and replicate vast quantities of data over their dark fiber networks. All of this calls for efficient ways of upgrading capacity and maximizing fiber utilization to future-proof DCI operations.

Get up and running in no time with truly plug-and-play open line systems. This means zero configuration and zero license fees for additional wavelengths. Easy upgrade paths to 400G also enable low-cost 100G. For mission-critical Fibre Channel workloads, leverage Brocade, Cisco and IBM certified optics. All network elements engineered for minimum power consumption – maximum performance in a small form factor.

Future-proof and efficient solutions tailored to enterprise DCI

Our solutions support the latest Fibre Channel and Ethernet bit rates – all with industry-leading low power consumption.

Unprecedented ease of use

Active solutions that are just as easy to deploy and operate as a passive multiplexer with completely automatic optical setup.

Certified compatibility

Solutions certified for compatibility with Brocade Gen 7, Cisco MDS and IBM GDPS.

Low cost – high speed

Cost-efficient and future-proof upgrade paths to even higher bitrates.

Outstanding energy efficiency

Sustainable solutions designed for optimized power consumption and fiber utilization with small footprints.

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Solution Brief

Introducing 400G Pluggable DWDM

What was once state of the art data rates for optical links in metro networks and between data centers is now superseded by the even higher rate of 400G DWDM.

An accelerating interest in cloud computing, video streaming and data-replication between sites drives the need for more bandwidth in corporate data centers and networks. In a similar way, growing media consumption and consumer demands for a richer internet experience requires increased broadband communications capacity in service provider networks.


“The Smartoptics solution gives us the flexibility and scalability we need, at the lowest possible cost. But more importantly, the resilient, robust network allows us to meet the demands of both Basel III and our clients for safe and secure handling of all our financial data.”

Sascha Kaufmann, Lead System Engineer, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG

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Expanding your network horizons

Get more out of your fiber network

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