Want to know what WDM is? This introduction explains the basics of WDM in a series of videos.

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Learn about optical networking with Smartoptics

Welcome to this set of self-study tutorials on optical networking presented by Smartoptics.

Whether you are a newcomer to the communications field, or have already been procuring, using, or selling optical networking equipment for some time, we believe these short sessions of about 5-10 minutes each will help you feel comfortable with the terminology and principles of optical networking.

Each tutorial can be studied on its own, but if this is your introduction into the optical space we recommend starting from top down. This will take you from the fundamentals of optical transmission and wavelength multiplexing to things like how to calculate optical budgets and how to construct high-capacity networks carrying voice, video and data.

So, pick and choose your subjects and let’s get started!

an introduction to wdm

Signals & Communications

This video explains some fundamental concepts of digital communications.

an introduction to wdm

What is WDM?

This tutorial that explains what Wavelength Division Multiplexing – often called just WDM – is.

an introduction to wdm


This tutorial takes you through the difference between CWDM and DWDM.

an introduction to wdm

Optical Fiber

This video is an introduction to the optical fibre and its characteristics.

an introduction to wdm

Attenuation & Power Levels

In this tutorial we talk about attenuation, amplification, and how to calculate the optical power budget for an optical link.

an introduction to wdm

Open Line Systems

There are many advantages of using an open line system architecture. In this video we take you through the advantages and how WDM is used in an open line system.

an introduction to wdm

WDM Networking

In this tutorial we explain the basics of how you can build reconfigurable WDM networks with optical add-drop multiplexers.

an introduction to wdm

Transponders & Muxponders

In this tutorial we take you through Transponders, Muxponders and how they are used in WDM networks.


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