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Flexible solutions for all your optical networking needs

Rising bandwidth needs and a rapidly changing world require a more flexible approach to networking. This means simple and flexible ways of increasing capacity without increasing costs. Our open optical networking solutions are designed and proven to meet this need. This is why they are the technology of choice for corporate data centers, metro and regional operator networks, internet content providers, and internet exchanges.

Truly open line systems without any hidden fees are at the heart of our open optical networking offering. Our portfolio also brings you the latest in optics, including both up to 400G Ethernet and up to 32G Fiber Channel (FC). Brocade and Cisco-approved solutions leave nothing to chance for mission-critical SANs.

Cost-effective layer 1 transport solutions and a wide range of passive filters help you scale and expand your network to meet a variety of needs. Our open management software empowers you to easily manage all of this and more with open APIs. Scroll down to learn more about each of our product ranges.


“The Smartoptics openline platform offered us the simplest installation solution. We deployed the product quickly and easily. It was literally plug and play – we were up and running in minutes.”

Jan Svarrer Sølvsten, Senior SAN Architect, NNIT

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Truly open line networking

The DCP-M, DCP-F and DCP-R families are truly open line systems. They work with any combination of embedded DWDM, transponder and muxponder traffic depending on the specific needs of your network.


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Multiplexers & OADMS

Passive optical networking

Maximize your dark fiber utilization with Smartoptics multiplexers and OADMs. Powerful passive optical networking helps you get more out of your fiber networks.

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Layer 1 transport

Feature-rich and scalable network expansion. A range of high-density transponders and muxponders meeting the needs of today’s optical networking demands. Solutions optimized for open-line DWDM networking.

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Full portfolio of optical transceivers

1-400G, C-/DWDM and client optics. Our optical transceivers support all storage, data, voice and video traffic whether linking rack-to-rack, bottom-to-top of rack, data center-to-data center or enterprise network-to-network.

Optical transceivers Datasheets

Seamless management over open APIs

SoSmart software suite

SoSmart is a modular software suite for SDN-based management of Smartoptics products in an open, multi-layer and multi-vendor optical networking environment. The management suite has a new and modern software architecture with open APIs that enable a high level of management flexibility, modularity, multiple integration possibilities and openness.

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Brocade collection

Our complete end-to-end solutions are layer 1-tested by Brocade. Not just transceivers or multiplexers but systems that allow intelligent long-distance connectivity based on embedded WDM principles.

Brocade approved products


Cisco collection

Smartoptics 32G, 16G and 8G Fibre Channel transceiver families have been uniquely approved by Cisco. The certified solutions offer Cisco users a new approach to cost-efficient data center connectivity through embedded networking.

Cisco approved products

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At Smartoptics, we believe strongly in an open approach, smart design principles, ambitious customer service and sustainable solutions.


Committed to open solutions with no lock-in using latest open standards and an open culture of honesty.


Innovating smart design principles for plug-and-play, future-proof and scalable networking solutions.


Going the extra mile with in-house expert support and strong focus on customer satisfaction (NPS 82).


Doing our part with long product lifecycles, small footprints and energy efficiency optimizations.

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