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Introducing the DCP-R-34D-CS

A coherent optimized 34-degree ROADM based on OpenROADM models

Empowering metro and regional networks with flexibility and cost-efficiency

For networks where wavelength manageability, capacity and reliability are at a premium, the Smartoptics DCP-R family of multidegree ROADMs is the optimal choice. The new DCP-R-34D-CS is designed to revolutionize the landscape of optical networking by empowering network operators with the tools they need to build and manage advanced network architectures with high flexibility and cost efficiency.

The DCP-R-34D-CS has everything needed to be a key building block in networks leveraging IP over DWDM and in transponder-based networks. The 34-degree ROADM provides broad interoperability and the latest Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) technology for flexibly managing next-generation disaggregated networks.  

All ports are equipped with FlexGrid support and enable seamless cross-connect and add-drop functionality in the local node. With the new ROADM’s variable gain amplifiers, network performance can be further optimized across a wide variety of operating scenarios.

Futureproof networking with the DCP-R-D34-CS

Designed for use with both the current 400ZR optics and future signals through CDC-F technology.

Completely open solution

No hidden license fees or fees for alien wavelengths so you can freely adapt to changing network needs.

Cost-efficient and high-performance

Built from the ground up with cost efficiency in mind without compromising on performance.

Small space and energy footprint

Takes up 1 RU of rack space and consumes less than 100W of power per direction for excellent sustainability.

Flexible management solutions

Easily managed through the NetConf protocol compliant with the OpenROADM MSA architecture and with TransportPCE as the SDN controller.

CTA – SO-SB-DCP-R-Family_R1.0 – W450

Download our solution brief to learn more about the latest ROADM capabilities

A family of ROADMs for metro and regional networks.

Using ROADMs has long been the standard method of enabling flexible add/drop of wavelengths in optical networks having ring and mesh topologies. With its open architecture and support for multiple traffic formats, the Smartoptics DCP-R Family allows you to implement virtually any type of ROADM-based network topology. With the DCP-R, previously monolithic optical platforms are opened up into separate open line systems and switches with embedded transceivers and transponders.

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DCP-R-D34-CS at a glance

  • Modern management architecture based on NetConf and OpenROADM yang models and APIs
  • Uses TransportPCE as an SDN controller and the SoSmart software suite for management
  • Automatic detection of the optical characteristics of the fiber
  • Support for a mixture of modulation formats such as 400ZR
  • Support for OIF, 800G, NRZ & coherent wavelengths
  • CDC-F capable
  • Optimized for ring and mesh network topologies
  • 34 WSS ports that can be individually configured to add/drop or express
  • Can be combined with couplers for higher port count or directionless functionality


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Network management with Sosmart

Easy point and click provisioning with SoSmart management

The SoSmart software suite from Smartoptics provides capabilities for management, point-and-click provisioning, fault finding and optical simulations. The management suite leverages modern and open data models based on Netconf and OpenROADM. Together, SoSmart and the DCP-R-34D-CS deliver unparalleled simplicity and efficiency in network management.


Learn about SoSmart

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