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Proven DCI solutions for Brocade networking that help you sleep easy

According to Broadcom, 96% of global banks, airlines, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and retailers use Fibre Channel (FC) for their mission-critical workloads because it is the most secure and reliable protocol. Whether sold by Brocade, or an OEM partner like Dell, Fujitsu, IBM or HPE, Brocade switches have been trusted to power FC for generations. Data center interconnection (DCI) is crucial for ensuring up-to-the-minute synchronous mirroring and that is why enterprise storage teams value a reliable DCI solution proven to work with Brocade.

“The least bit of DCI downtime can be a huge liability for a bank, airline or similar organization if disaster were to strike one of the mirrored data centers. This is why hundreds of enterprises embrace Smartoptics’ solutions for Brocade networking: we ensure the least risk of downtime, the lowest latency and the fastest time to troubleshoot errors. To put it simply, by choosing Smartoptics for interconnecting your Brocade SANs, you’ll be joining many of your peers who get a better night’s sleep,” says Björn.

Years of collaboration to bring the best of Brocade and Smartoptics wherever you turn

Did you know that, regardless of whether you buy Brocade SAN switches directly from Broadcom or from OEMs like Dell or HPE, they are still the same switches? This means you also can count on the same benefits from using Smartoptics to interconnect them. Several leading distributors globally, sell both Brocade SAN switches and Smartoptics embedded transceivers and open line systems.

Björn comments on the significance of the strong partnerships Smartoptics maintains with everyone in this broader Brocade ecosystem:

“Our collaboration with Brocade and our legacy of FC products tailored to Brocade switches goes all the way back to 2007 and has become stronger over the years. Now, we are proud to be the only DWDM vendor recognized as worthy of certification for Brocade Gen 7. Today, we are in close contact with Broadcom and major Brocade OEMs regularly in various regions across Europe. Together with a vast network of distributors, we all help make sure that enterprises always find the best DCI solutions for Brocade networking, regardless of who is the main point of contact.”

Leading enterprises turn to Smartoptics DWDM for Brocade networking

Hundreds of enterprises and governmental organizations around the world already use Smartoptics solutions for their Brocade networking needs. These organizations are especially concentrated in Europe, as well as the US. All of the top industries with mission-critical workloads that use Brocade FC products are well represented with Smartoptics, including banking and finance, retail, airlines, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and the public sector.

“Our popularity with Brocade networking users is not only because of our unique certification and highly efficient and effective solutions. At Smartoptics, we are proud to have one of the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the industry at 82. We earned this recognition by being just as easy to work with as a company as our products are easy to use – just pick up the phone and you can speak with someone knowledgeable right away,” Björn explains.

Björn Rougen Presents Smartoptics

A strategic partner that values openness, flexibility and transparency

As a company, regardless whether providing reliable FC optics, high-speed ethernet or strategic deployment advice, Smartoptics stakes its reputation on being open.

“Across industry segments, the trend towards more open optical networking solutions is intensifying. We see this clearly at industry events and in customer dialogues. Despite this, some vendors keep their open line systems closed so they can collect fees for connecting third-party network elements or opening up additional channels. We have always championed openness, and our open line systems are designed to give you full flexibility. This way, you can always adapt to changing needs, add capacity and run multiple protocols such as ethernet side by side with FC,” says Björn.

Ready to learn more about our uniquely certified Brocade networking solutions?

Now that you’ve learned why your peers trust us, it’s time to learn more about what our Brocade networking DCI solutions can do for you. Discover which of our products are certified and tested by Broadcom and why embedded offers lower latency and greater cost efficiency. You’ll find the essential info conveniently all in one place in our Brocade Collection.

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