Ensuring high-performance DCI for banking and finance SANs with Brocade Gen 7

There are many benefits of Brocade’s latest generation of FC switches, but you shouldn’t neglect your DCI. This guide will provide a clear and simple overview of everything you need to ensure your DWDM optics will work optimally with Brocade Gen 7, including:

  • Transceiver considerations, such as 32G and secure optics compatibility
  • Multiplexing challenges that arise with 32G and how to address these
  • Why and how a passive solution can be replaced with an active open line system

The guide also provides insights on how to maximize your ROI, including tips for breaking down internal silos and creating synergies between FC and Ethernet as well as how you can build a business case around optics hardware ownership.

Ensuring high-performance dci for the banking and finance sector

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Everything you need to know to upgrade your DCI for optimum performance with Gen 7