Smartoptics offers optical transmission solutions that make networks more powerful. The objective is to offer the best solution in terms of cost and simplicity for each and every application. One important component of this strategy is to enable embedded DWDM networking by offering transceivers that are directly pluggable into switches. Altogether, this results in solutions that are easy to install and support offering fast return on investment along with an optimized total cost of ownership.

The most recent addition to the Smartoptics portfolio is a new series of transceivers tailored to 32G Fibre Channel (FC) SAN applications. In addition to certified FC connectivity solutions supporting 8, 16G and 32G for several SAN vendor switches, the latest offering extends this capability to Brocade’s Generation 7 FC products. The new transceivers have already been rigorously tested and qualified for embedded use in Brocade’s Gen 7 FC switches.

A unique solution for Gen 7 users

Per Burman, Chief Marketing Officer at Smartoptics, explains why the certification for Brocade Gen7 is a significant step in Smartoptics’ development: “Smartoptics is already a certified and proven provider of 8, 16G and 32G FC transceivers for previous generations of Brocade switches. Our new offering extends this capability to the brand-new Generation 7 FC switches. What sets this validation apart from other solutions is that Smartoptics is now the only DWDM vendor that has been invited to qualify for certification for Brocade’s Gen 7 products. This clearly signals our unique position when it comes to offering smart optical solutions in the FC and SAN market.”

The new Smartoptics 32G Fibre Channel transceivers come in the industry standard SFP28 format and are now fully supported with Brocade’s Gen 7 FC switches.

Expanding on an established relationship

“The approval of the 32G transceivers builds on the long-standing relationship we have with Brocade as one of the leading SAN switch vendors. Our new 32G transceivers enable us to offer a smart and cost-efficient solution for all Brocade users looking to upgrade to higher capacity in their storage area networks. The simplicity of the embedded solution allows for a compact building practice, lowers power consumption, and reduces time to operation due to short delivery and installation times for new transceivers,” says Per.

The new transceivers can also be used with passive filters and together with Smartoptics’ active open line systems to extend their reach up to 80 km between data centers.

End-to-end solutions for flexible networking

Per explains how there’s more to the close cooperation between Smartoptics and Brocade: “As a matter of fact, the Smartoptics-Brocade relationship stretches beyond the unique validation of our 32G transceivers with Gen 7. We are actually the only vendor whose complete end-to-end solutions are layer 1 tested by Brocade for Gen 7. This includes our transceivers, multiplexers, and open line systems allowing for intelligent long-distance connectivity based on embedded DWDM principles. With Smartoptics’ embedded solutions, Brocade users can connect as many SAN & WAN internet links as required, at any speed, over a dark fiber network.”


For more information about Smartoptics Fibre Channel transceivers for Brocade, please see the Brocade collection

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