Product information

The DCP-F-R22 is a member of the DCP-F family that is designed for maximum configuration flexibility with the active units available as individual modules plugged directly into the standard Smartoptics DCP-2 chassis, each module occupying one slot. The module also has an integrated expansion field for optional passive plug-in modules (PPM), used for example for dispersion compensation.

The small footprint of the DCP-2 chassis and the pluggable configuration allows for excellent flexibility in various applications and in all types of network topologies. By combining one or more DCP-F units they can be used for different types of point-to-point applications, 2-degree ROADM applications and active/passive ring applications.


  • EDFA Amplifier with an optimum gain of 22 dB
  • 2-Port Optical Channel Monitor
  • 2-Degree ROADM (WSS)
  • Fits into one slot of the DCP-2 chassis
  • One unit used per direction
  • Support for 2 x Passive Plug-In modules (PPM)
  • Available PPM modules
    • PPM for dual fiber 1510nm OSC filter (optional)
    • PPM’s for 20, 40 & 80 km DCM module (optional)
    • PPM’s for 3% & 50% Optical couplers (optional)

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