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The DCP platform of transponders simplify networking and simultaneously reduces costs. The platform significantly reduces the amount of additional knowledge and training required without compromise on functionality. It allows any combination of traffic protocol and transceiver type to be connected over the same fiber. The DCP-2 houses redundant fans and PSUs, both of which are hot swappable in the field and holds the local element management board that runs Smart Manager – the modern REST based software suite used by the DCP DWDM line and transponders.

DCP-2 is a 1U x 19” chassis unit that hosts Smartoptics modular family of transponders and muxponders. Supporting two discrete traffic modules these can be placed close to the switches whose traffic they need to add functionality. No complex setup or even prior knowledge is required, resulting in an unprecedented level of plug and play simplicity for DWDM networking. Operations are simplified compared to more complex vertically integrated transport platforms

Any DCP-2 chassis can be placed close to the switches and routers whose traffic they need to transport. Simple, low powered 1U DWDM modules distributed throughout the data center close to where they are required. Small form factor networking with no wasted chassis space. Each traffic module is a fully enclosed EMI protected module that can be safely handled and easily installed. DCP offers all the features required for multi-protocol traffic transfer over a dark fiber DWDM network without the need for extensive buildup of telecom knowledge or costs. A system that can easily be handled easily by data and storage engineers.


  • 1U 19” stackable chassis unit for DCP traffic cards and DCP-F line system cards
  • Flexible decentralized DWDM networking
  • Supports two DCP modules
  • Redundant hot pluggable AC or DC PSUs and fan Units
  • Front-to-Back airflow
  • Interoperability approved by Dell-EMC, Brocade and other major OEM’s

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