Product information

The DCP-1203 offers a cost efficient solution for 100G and 400G transport in a small form factor with low power consumption and low latency. It has three individual transponders on the same card. Each transponder can be used in 100G or 400G mode. The client side can use a flexible range of QSFP28 client types for 100G and QSFP-DD for 400G. The line side can use coherent DWDM 100GZR+, 400GZR and 400GZR+ QSFP-DDs.

The DCP-1203 is designed to handle two main use cases, one is to convert from grey 100/400G optics to DWDM and one where it is required to have demarcation point for signal hand-off. The first case is valid when it is not possible to put coherent DWDM 100G or 400G QSFP-DDs embedded in switches and routers. For the second case the transponder offers a demarcation point where it is possible to measure performance data before handing off the signal to another system.


  • Layer 1 Transponder for DCP-2 chassis
  • Support for 3 individual transponders with 100/400G on each
  • Support for 3 x QSFP28/QSFP-DD ports for client signals
  • Support for a flexible range of 100G QSFP28 client type in 100G mode (SR4, LR4, CWDM4, ER4, ZR4)
  • Support for a flexible range of 400G QSFP-DD client type in 400G mode (DR4, FR4, LR4 etc.)
  • Support for regeneration on two individual transponders at the same time
  • Support for 4x100G breakout from DR4, FR4 or LR4 optics (from R9.0)
  • Support for 100G ZR+, 400G ZR and 400G ZR+ line rates
  • Low power consumption
  • Low latency Design

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