DCP-108, 8 channel transponder for QSFP28 transceivers

In 100G DWDM configurations where it is not feasible to embed the PAM4 QFSP28 transceivers directly in the switch, or when setting up a demarcation point in an operator’s network, the DCP-108 eight channel open transponder is the ideal solution.

Equipped with PAM4 QSFP28 transceivers, the DCP-108 is the ideal product for terminating 100G services in a cost-efficient way at the subscriber premises. The DCP 108 has support for 40G with QSFP+ on the client side and PAM4 on the line side as well as for 100G with QSFP28 on the client side and PAM4 on the line side.

This includes support for any type of QSFP28 client type (with and without FEC) in a high density (1.6 Tbit/s in 1U) module at a very low cost per Gbit. In addition to the use as transponder, the DCP-108 can also be used as repeater or media converter.