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Delighting customers: our commitment to service excellence

At Smartoptics, we understand that our customers' success is intertwined with our own growth. We also firmly believe that exceptional customer service is the foundation of long-term customer relationships. This is why we take immense pride in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82, one of the highest in the industry, which speaks volumes about our dedication to customer satisfaction.

We go the extra mile by minimizing lead times and providing round-the-clock access to expert support. Our customer-centric approach and commitment to exceeding expectations foster loyalty among our valued clientele.

The link between happy employees and satisfied customers

We recognize the vital connection between employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. Our dedicated and motivated employees play a crucial role in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We invest in their growth, foster a collaborative environment, and encourage them to embrace new challenges at the forefront of technology.

By working closely with leading organizations who share our vision, from enterprises and data centers to dedicated communication service providers, we create a collaborative and inspiring working environment. This not only enables us to attract top talent but also promotes continuous learning, new skills development, and a culture of experimentation. At Smartoptics, we grow right along with our customers, cultivating a win-win partnership.


As a challenger, we take pride in our open approach, smart design principles and ambitious customer service.

A Great Place to Work

As part of our efforts to create an inspirational working environment, we’re thrilled to announce that Smartoptics has been recognized with Great Place to Work® certification. This certification reflects the high degree of trust, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie experienced by our employees.

We adhere to the global standards set by the Great Place to Work© Institute, and the certification validates our efforts to create an outstanding workplace where our employees can flourish. Our dedication to creating a thriving working environment is further proven by our outstanding Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of 46.

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A journey of mutual growth

It is clear that customer satisfaction and loyalty go hand in hand with the satisfaction of our employees. By prioritizing the growth and fulfillment of our employees, we have established ourselves as a company that not only attracts new customers but also retains them over the long haul. As we move forward, we'll continue fostering an environment where our employees thrive and our customers flourish. Together, we're broadening network horizons and paving the way for sustainable success for all stakeholders involved.

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