Product information

The H-MD-4LAN-EM-SFx filters are two LANWDM-filters for single-fiber configurations. The LANWDM channels are located in the 1300nm region where the dispersion properties are the lowest for standard single-mode fiber. As an example, this enables longer distances for 25G Ethernet services in a 5G network. See datasheet on the 25G transceivers SO-SFP28-LWDM-x-E for more information on the optical performance on 25G Ethernet LANWDM transceivers.

There are eight LANWDM channels defined and the H-MD-4LAN-EM-SFx filters are using one channel in uplink and another in downlink, providing 4 bi-directional channels in total. Consequently, there are two different filters, denoted “A” and “B” where the difference lies in the transmitted and received channels.

The H-MD-4LAN-EM-SFx filters have an Extension port intended for single-fiber DWDM filters. In 5G networks there is typically a need to transport e.g. 10G Ethernet services together with 25G Ethernet services. This Extension port covers the complete C-band which provides a flexible addition of any DWDM channel combination.

The H-MD-4LAN-EM-SFx filters have a Monitor port that tap off 1% of the transmitted and received line signal. This provides the ability to monitor the channel power levels via a connected Optical Channel Monitoring (OCM) device or an optical spectrum analyzer.

The H-MD-4LAN-EM-SFx is to be fitted in the H-Series 1RU chassis H-CHASSI-1RU.



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