Product information

The H-MD-4LAN-295-309 filter is a LANWDM Mux/Demux covering four of the LANWDM wavelengths 1295.56nm, 1300.05nm, 1304.58nm and 1309.14nm. The filter can as an example be used with LANWDM transceivers or as a 4x100G configuration using single lambda 100G O-BAND DWDM transceivers shown in the figure below. A table of the corresponding 100G transceivers is also listed next to the figure. For further info on the 100G O-Band DWDM transceivers, see datasheet of TQ2026-OxxC-SO.

The H-MD-4LAN-EM-SFx filters have a Monitor port that tap off 1% of the transmitted and received line signal. This provides the ability to monitor the channel power levels via a connected Optical Channel Monitoring (OCM) device or an optical spectrum analyzer.

The H-MD-4LAN-295-309 is to be fitted in the H-Series 1RU chassis H-CHASSI-1RU.

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