Product information

The H-MD-04-921-928-SFA and H-MD-04-921-928-SFB are two DWDM-filters for single-fiber configurations. There are eight DWDM channels defined and the H-MD-04-921-928-SFx filters are using one channel in uplink and another in downlink, providing 4 bi-directional channels in total. Consequently, there are two different filters, denoted “A” and “B” where the difference lies in the transmitted and received channels.

The filters have an Extension port enabling an additional four channels to be added via the H-MD-04-929-936-SFx filters.

The Extension port covers 1460 -1630nm which opens for OTDR solutions over the same infrastructure.
A Monitor port that taps off 1% of the transmitted and received line signal provides the ability to monitor the channel power levels via a connected Optical Channel Monitoring (OCM) device or an optical spectrum analyzer.

The H-MD-04-929-936-SFx is to be fitted in the H-Series 1RU chassis H-CHASSI-1RU.



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