Product information

DCP-M is a true open line DWDM platform designed specifically for modern DCI. DCP-M has the form factor and usability of a passive multiplexer, but unlike a passive multiplexer it monitors the traffic, amplifies the signals for longer distances and can handle higher data rate protocols. DCP-M provides everything required for an open line system and is simple, reliable and open for all DCI protocol types.

DCP-M offers an unparalleled level of plug and play simplicity regardless of traffic type and network application. The DCP-M family comprises five models for either 8 or 40 channels, dedicated for either 100G DWDM PAM4 traffic, 400ZR traffic or for applications with any mix of PAM4, NRZ and coherent 100/400G channels.


  • 40 channels active DWDM multiplexer for open line systems
  • Accepts the following DWDM signal format: Coherent (QPSK/8QAM/16QAM) including 400ZR and NRZ (1-10G)
  • Up to 160 km of reach depending on modulation format
  • Unprecedented level of cost efficiency and ROI for Data Center Interconnect (DCI)
  • High speed multi-protocol capability
  • Industry defining 1U form factor
  • Automated configuration and zero touch provisioning - behaves like a passive multiplexer
  • Automatic fiber distance measurement
  • Modern REST based management architecture with standard and customizable APIs

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