Product information

The DCM-xx dispersion compensation units are based on the Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology which provides a full-band and channel plan independent compensation.

FBG-based DCMs only have a fraction of the total loss compared to fiber-based equivalents. FBG also provides a latency in the order of nanoseconds as compared to microseconds in fiber-based solutions. The FBG based DCMs are designed to perfectly mimic the dispersion and dispersion slope characteristic of G.652 fiber type. Low residual dispersion is crucial when migrating to higher bit rates.

The DCM-xx products tolerate high optical power without suffering from penalties caused by non-linear effects.

Non-linear effects are not introduced even at the highest power level present throughout any traditional network.

Six versions of the DCM-xx modules are provided, ranging from 20km up to 120km. Two DCM-xx plug-in modules can be mounted in the 1RU mechanical holder DCM-MB-2-19.

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