Oslo, Norway and UK – March 20th, 2017 – Norway-based Smartoptics, a leading provider of optical networking solutions has announced that it has successfully validated interoperability of its DCP-M platform with Inphi Corporation’s COLORZ™, the industry’s first Silicon Photonics 100G Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM4) platform solution for 80km DWDM Data Center Interconnect (DCI) in QSFP28 form factor.

Smartoptics is disrupting the market once again with the validation of DCP-M for use with Inphi’s COLORZ platform solution. COLORZ utilizes advanced PAM4 signaling and delivers up to 4Tb/s of bandwidth over a single fiber, allowing multiple data centers located up to 80km of each other to be connected and act like a single data center. DCP-M is the perfect accompaniment to the COLORZ platform solution for long distance DCI applications to enable embedded DWDM transceiver networking at 100G.

Sean Davies, Co-Founder, Marketing and OEM Director adds, “Smartoptics offers a refreshingly simple twist on DWDM connectivity and is continuing to build on its promise of delivering a simple and cost effective DCI portfolio. DCP-M takes full advantage of the advances in PAM4 technology and is the ideal accompaniment to Inphi’s COLORZ platform solution.”

“We are pleased to see Smartoptics developing a compact DWDM platform and offering a plug and play solution compatible with COLORZ. DCP-M provides more options for customers looking to leverage the power, density and cost advantages of COLORZ and enables faster innovation cycles for 100Gb/s data center connectivity,” said Dr. Loi Nguyen, founder, senior vice president, Optical Interconnect at Inphi.

Smartoptics designs and enhances existing optical fiber optic networks through simple and cost effective CWDM and DWDM based solutions. Datacom solutions focused on simplicity and cost effectiveness instead of complex and expensive telecom grade solutions. In 2011 Smartoptics revolutionized the DWDM market by introducing the world’s first intelligent DWDM multiplexer. DCP-M combines the simplicity of a passive multiplexer with the monitoring and distance extension features of a traditional telco DWDM system. Key features include:

  • Intelligent 1U DWDM Multiplexer
  • up to 40 DWDM channels
  • pre and/or booster amplifier
  • optical channel monitoring and supervisory channel
  • automatic distance measurement function
  • auto provisioning with tunable dispersion compensation module (DCM)

Smartoptics offers optical transmission solutions making networks more powerful. Expanding bandwidth without the upfront investment or hassle of traditional WDM.  Products from Smartoptics allow corporate data centers, governments, hosting solution providers and ISPs to build simple, straightforward and cost effective solutions to fulfill their ongoing and future network capacity needs. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Smartoptics is an international provider with thousands of installations all around the world. The award-winning approach has helped companies from every industry sector stay ahead of expanding network demands.

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