Oslo, Norway – 6 December 2018 – Smartoptics, a leading provider of open optical networking solutions, today announced that the Internet Exchange Australia (IX Australia) has deployed Smartoptics DCP-M40 Open Line System and pluggable DWDM QSFP28 PAM4 transceivers for 100G to provide high capacity links between IX Australia’s metro locations in Sydney. The new, automated, network was delivered by Independent Data Solutions (IDS) and provides IX Australia with lowest cost 40 x 100G traffic capability over a single pair of fibers.

IX Australia is a member owned, not-for-profit peering exchange established in 1997 by the Internet Association of Australia Inc. (formally the Western Australian Internet Association Inc.) and operating 5 peering points throughout Australia accessed by major metropolitan data centers. Recently, IX Australia has decided to upgrade its metropolitan link capacities, to cater for the rapidly growing data traffic.

The new Smartoptics DCP-M40 Open Line System deployed by IX Australia enables up to 40 x 100G wavelengths over spans exceeding 50km with fully automated addition of new channels for ease of use. Space and power considerations were important factors in the technology choice due to the cost of colocation and available power in hosting facilities. The 1U form factor and max 45W power consumption for a fully loaded 40 channels system were significantly differentiating factors over more traditional coherent transponders.

With its new network, IX Australia will be able to provide new services to its members, while at the same time increasing overall capacity. A special feature of the network is its capability to embedded DWDM at 100G in QSFP28 form factor, using COLORZ© from Inphi. This has not been possible to date without use of expensive coherent CFP or CFP2 modules, usually not available for the most current and dense switching platforms.

The network is supplied by local Smartoptics VAD partner IDS, who will additionally manage after sales services in Australia.

Joe Wooller, Technical Manager at IX Australia says: “We are delighted to have been able to upgrade our network, based on the very modern Extreme 870, so easily and significantly increase available capacity at the lowest possible cost. We are now able to easily scale service flexibility and capacity just by adding new transceivers to our switches. The line system automation handles everything else, no complex provision needed. As demand on our network grows, we need the flexibility to handle adding new capacity when it is needed with no drama.”

Iain Ashley, CTO at IDS comments, “The Smartoptics DCP-M40 represents a step-change in the ability to deliver high-capacity networks over metro distances for our customers. Instead of complex, expensive, telco-sized closed systems, the DCP-M40 enables businesses to roll-out high bandwidth low latency networks and keep pace with the development of smaller, denser and faster switching technology”.

Magnus Grenfeldt, CEO Smartoptics, commented, “In winning this important network expansion project, Smartoptics demonstrates continued success in commercializing PAM4 technology, our unique open line system and network automation technology as a new foundation for Data Center Interconnectivity. IX Australia has seamlessly expanded the capabilities of its network selecting the most optimal technology for their interconnects. Selecting PAM4 over coherent technology for less than 80km interconnects is clearly significantly advantageous in terms of cost, complexity, availability and latency.”





About IX Australia
IX Australia is a member based, not-for-profit organization, that operates five neutral peering points across twenty data centers throughout Australia. IX Australia has been operating internet exchanges in Australia since 1997 and is well placed to help your organization improve its interconnection.

About IDS
IDS offers to our reseller community Value Add Distribution through our innovative hardware and software solutions and highly capable technical team. We source and supply new, groundbreaking products that enable our resellers to differentiate themselves by introducing inventive solutions to their customers. Our ability to deliver, configure and co-operate throughout the whole sales cycle along with pre and post sales technical support, enables a high-value contribution towards winning business with our customers, the reseller.