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Smartoptics is proud to be the leading supplier of SAN extension solutions based on optical WDM technology. We are the only vendor approved in all the latest Brocade (and Brocade OEMed) FC switches and offer solutions for all requirements from single channel up to multiple DWDM wavelength channels. The guide covers the solutions approved by Brocade whereas the complete Smartoptics portfolio covers higher channel count systems, single fibre connectivity and all Ethernet transmission.

  • Application description
  • Application type
  • Channels
  • Data rate
  • Kilometer
  • Transceiver part number
  • Multiplexer part number
  • FOS software revision
  • Supported Brocade switches and directors
  • Example network diagrams
Download the Smartoptics guide to Brocade Certified SAN extensions

Smartoptics Brocade SAN solutions

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