About the customer

Founded in 2011 and based in Querétaro, IENTC Telecomunicaciones has over 12,000 km of fiber optic routes across Mexico. The CSP provides high-speed internet access and landline telephone services through state-of-the-art infrastructure using fiber optics, microwaves and its own interconnections.
A focus on advanced technology enables 99.9% uptimes for business users, both data centers and the wholesale segment.

Industry: CSP
Location: Querétaro, Mexico
Solution: Open line systems, ROADMs, muxponders

The challenge

Faster deployment of high-capacity DWDM

IENTC has been experiencing rapid growth both organically and via acquisitions. To capitalize on this growth, it's essential to deploy optical networking solutions rapidly and start providing services to customers. Being able to offer high-capacity services at attractive prices is also a key competitive differentiator for IENTC.

Seeing potential in Smartoptics to meet these needs more effectively, IENTC Founder and CEO Carlos Arguimbau decided to put them to the test:

“After hearing that their products are easy to deploy and use, we brought Smartoptics open line systems and muxponders into our lab to see for ourselves. We were very impressed with the test results and quickly proceeded with our first deployment.”

Two IENTC data centers in Mexico City were interconnected with 40x400G capacity over a single fiber pair using Smartoptics open line systems and muxponders.

“Not only did the zero-touch provisioning and ease of use accelerate deployment but they also delivered with lead times that were faster than the market standard. This is generally a key consideration for us as we seek to commercialize new opportunities as quickly as possible,” Carlos explains.

Picture collage IENTC

“Zero-touch provisioning and ease of use along with short lead times accelerate deployment. This is key for us as we seek to commercialize new opportunities as quickly as possible.”

Carlos Arguimbau, Founder and CEO, IENTC Telecomunicaciones

The Solution

Creating one of the most impressive networks in Latin America

Following the first successful deployment, IENTC expanded into northern Mexico, a promising market with many new data centers being built that will benefit from the CSP’s services. To seize this opportunity, IENTC was eager to start commercializing the new fiber acquired there and selling 400G services to customers. This time, Smartoptics ROADMs were brought in for added flexibility along with open line systems and muxponders to light up about 600 km from Saltillo to Ciudad Acuna.

“Given the large scope and time pressure, this was a high-stakes project, so we turned to our newfound partner Smartoptics and are very pleased with the results. Being able to provide high-capacity 400G services flexibly over such a long distance with great cost efficiency is excellently aligned with our reputation as innovators. Some people I talk to can hardly believe me when I tell them about it!” says Carlos.

Another kind of future-proof

In optical networking, future-proofing is a key consideration for many. Smartoptics is known for offering 400G-enabled solutions that can also run 100G to extend their useful life, simplify upgrade paths and provide greater flexibility. Looking beyond this type of technical future-proofing, Carlos shares more reasons why going with Smartoptics is a sure bet for the future:

“Given the rapid growth in demand we are seeing from American companies in Mexico, working with a Northern European company like Smartoptics future-proofs our business from geopolitical tensions. We also see Smartoptics as a future-proof innovation partner with a strong roadmap going forward. They continuously work to bring the latest technological advances into increasingly simple and easy-to-use products, and this is why we have chosen Smartoptics as our preferred supplier for all our WDM networking needs,” says Carlos.

the Result

Shared values rooted in innovation and disruption

Building on the first two successful deployments, IENTC is planning to use Smartoptics network elements in several upcoming projects. IENTC has also signed up for Smartoptics’ Complete Care service offering. All of this is a testament to the close partnership they enjoy, rooted in shared values.

“We see ourselves as a challenger in the Mexican wholesale segment, disrupting our way up with newer technology, higher capacity and more competitive offerings. As a mid-sized player, we have the agility and drive to continuously innovate, be responsive to customer needs and go the extra mile for them. These are exactly the same values we see in Smartoptics that make them appeal to us. We look forward to continuing collaboration as we expand in the vast Mexican market together,” says Carlos.

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