IX Australia
About the customer

IX Australia operates Australia’s largest not-for-profit internet peering network comprising six exchange points and over 30 Points of Presence (PoPs) nationally. Since establishing WA-IX – their first exchange in 1997 – their network has grown significantly.

Industry: Internet Exchange 
Location: Australia
Solution: Open line systems


Non-profit internet exchange IX Australia operates six peering points across the country, accessed by 30 major metropolitan data centers. The exchange recently decided to upgrade its metro network capacities to 100G, to cater for rapidly growing data traffic.

The new Smartoptics Open Line System DCP-M40, featuring embedded DWDM PAM4 transceivers, has provided IX Australia with a solution meeting all requirements in terms of reduced cost and power consumption along with a minimal footprint. Watch the video to see how the exchange benefits from a solution that is easy to maintain, high performance, high-bandwidth, and extremely easy to scale as demands continue to grow.

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