About the customer

NDIX is an international ethernet exchange with a network equivalent in size and scope to a tier 2 service provider with over 4,000 ports connected at more than one hundred data centers. More than 140 Dutch and German suppliers work with NDIX to provide a broad and competitive range of ICT services to customers ranging from small business owners to large government institutions throughout the Netherlands and in Germany.

Industry: Internet Exchange (cloud IX)
Location: Enschede, Netherlands
Solution: Open line systems

The challenge

A future-proof solution for rapid growth

With capacity needs on the rise, NDIX sought a way of supporting the future growth of its network. Its network topology relied on mainly 10G DWDM in the backbone, switches and customer wavelengths. The goal was to make these legacy connections easy to migrate to the new system and fast to deploy.

Thomas van de Lagemaat, Manager NOC & Operations at NDIX, explains why NDIX sets the bar high: “We wanted to upgrade to 100G and be 400G-ready without having to start from scratch or get bogged down with long deployment times. This demanded an easy-to-use and open solution that was adaptable to our existing disaggregated network. To maximize ROI, our investment would also need to stand the test of time, meeting our needs both today and in the foreseeable future.”


“Smartoptics tells it like it is, packing the latest optical networking technology into a compact and efficient form factor that is really as easy to use and as open as advertised. In Smartoptics, we have found a strategic partner that helps us grow rapidly, both now and in the future.”

Thomas van de Lagemaat, Manager NOC/Operations, NDIX

The Solution

Smartoptics – as easy as promised

NDIX carefully analyzed several potential solutions, ultimately choosing the Smartoptics DCP-M family of open line systems for its zero-touch provisioning and plug-and-play experience. The DCP-M is engineered to provide the freedom to run multiple bitrates in parallel while offering low latency and high density across the board.

“Smartoptics stood out from the competition for its ease of use. In theory, it sounded very simple, almost too good to be true. When we actually tested one of these open line systems, we were blown away that it really was as easy in practice. The beauty of the Smartoptics platform really shines when migrating our links. Jobs that used to take a couple hours at night are now completed in a matter of minutes. Smartoptics keeps its promises, offering a true plug-and-play experience that helps us grow our network at scale,” says Thomas.

400G-ready open line systems for fully redundant network

Once the deployment project is completed, NDIX will have a completely 100G-enabled backbone network that is fully redundant throughout the entire Netherlands. Running 400ZR-compliant optics in 100G mode using the Smartoptics open line system makes these 100G links particularly powerful and efficient. It also provides the future-proof capability to easily go up to 400G.

“The open line system is interoperable with our existing WDM infrastructure and optics. This means we only need to replace a single key component of our network, and we’re up and running quickly and easily. This allows us to expand enormously. And best of all, we have access to the latest 400ZR technology and are well prepared for whatever the future may have in store,” says Thomas.

the Result

Honesty is the best policy

In times of rapid change and uncertainty, vendor reliability is more important than ever. It’s also only natural to prefer to work with a vendor that engages in strategic dialogue and is aligned around the same core values. Smartoptics has a track record for reliably doing what it says it will do, delivering on time, providing prompt support and making good on its claims of ease of use.

“At NDIX, we take a no-nonsense and straightforward approach with our customers, and we were delighted to discover that Smartoptics embodies these same values. Our questions go straight to the right person, who answers them promptly, competently, and honestly. It’s refreshing to work with an optical networking vendor that believes in what they do and serves as a strategic partner. We appreciate the transparency and reliability of Smartoptics and look forward to continuing future collaboration,” says Thomas.

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