Product information

The H-MD-C08-LL is a low-loss 8ch CWDM Mux/DeMux operating on the low CWDM channel, 1271 to 1451nm. The two channels 1391 and 1411nm are skipped since these are subject to the high water-peak attenuation that can be present in older fiber types. The H-MD-C08-LL can be used stand-alone or in combination with e.g. the high CWDM-band filters H-MD-C09H-E-LL, H-MD-C09 or H-MD-C05.

H-MD-C08L-LL has the exact same channel coverage as the H-MD-C08 but has a different filter design to provide lower losses. H-MD-C08L-LL can thus be a better/necessary choice in networks with higher losses, stretched distances or networks with cascaded filters. H-MD-C08 is a more cost-effective choice where its losses are within the requirements.

The H-MD-C08-LL is to be fitted in the H-Series 1RU chassis H-CHASSI-1RU.

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