Product information

The H-MD-3155-HI is a 1310/1550nm band Mux/Demux unit with high isolation between the operating ports. The H-MD-3155-HI band splitter is intended for cases where a legacy 1310nm channel is to be combined with CWDM channels in the upper CWDM band (1460 nm - 1630 nm) or DWDM channels. The high isolation makes the filter applicable to amplified DWDM solutions using amplifiers.

The 1310nm port covers 1265.5-1350nm which also includes the low band CWDM channels 1271-1331nm. This port can thus be used for e.g. 100G CWDM4-MSA channels, enabling a 100G channel to be carried as an alternative via this port.

The H-Series filters are mounted in a 1 RU mounting bracket solution, and the filter module sizes vary depending on type of filter.

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