Opening up a new era of flexible networking

In-depth insights for supercharging regional and metro networks with a more open approach.

Mounting pressure to deliver higher capacity at the same cost has carriers looking into deploying 400ZR in low-cost 100G mode. But how do you upgrade your regional or metro network to 400ZR without having to start from scratch? What’s the best way to achieve both optimum performance and cost efficiency for a regional or metro network? And how do you avoid vendor lock-in while still effectively managing your ROADMs and other network elements?

Download our guide to discover a new path to flexible networking with insights on:

  • The pros and cons of the traditional and new methods
  • How a hybrid approach combines the best of new and old
  • What types of network elements are required
  • How to effectively manage disaggregated networks
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Opening up a new era of flexible networking

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