CMTS Traffic backhauling:
Versatile architecture for asymmetrical networking

The transmission system is at the heart of the fiber network, so it can’t be the bottleneck to offering a world-class service that can meet present and future needs. Cable operators must be able to provide an extremely high-quality service at a competitive price, even as demands for services and high speeds increase.

Smartoptics M-Series combines the simplicity of a passive multiplexer with the features of a transponder-based DWDM platform. M-Series can work both with and without DWDM transponders, making it ideal for open line system networking using alien wavelengths. And because the transmission costs are lower, the operator can roll more services out to more homes.

Read our solution brief to find out more about how this low-cost, intelligent multiplexer platform can deliver a truly open networking architecture for flexible, scalable growth.

  • The dilemma for Cable TV operators
  • Fiber-efficient connectivity
  • Introducing M-Series, the best of both worlds
  • Versatile architecture for asymmetrical networking
  • Amplification for longer distances
  • Protection switching for improved service levels

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