Smartoptics and Brocade 100G distance extension and open-line DWDM solutions

While standard transceivers offer the perfect fit for data handling and transfer within the data center or over shorter distances, problems arise when 100G traffic needs to be transported over long distances. Similar challenges emerge when more than one single channel is required or when multiple traffic types need to be connected over the same dark fiber link.

The Solution Brief show how the challenges can be overcome with distance extension and open-line DWDM solutions from Smartoptics, verified with Brocade’s 100G switch families for simple, cost-effective data center connectivity over dark fiber.

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  • 100G distance extension
  • Overcoming the challenges of 100G networking
  • Smartoptics’ open line networking solutions
  • Brocade certified DWDM connectivity solutions
  • How 100G is gaining ground from 40G
Download Smartoptics solution brief for brocade 100g dwdm

Cost-effective 100G data center connectivity

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