32G, 16G and 8G Fibre Channel SAN connectivity between datacenters

Smartoptics has solutions for all types of 32G/16G/8G FC connectivity, whether using embedded transceivers or transponder based DWDM networking. in this solution brief we have different user cases and we have summarized the options available to cover distances up to and beyond 80 km with data rates of 32G, 16G and 8G Fibre Channel.

  • For all 32G, 16G, 8G FC applications
  • Transceivers embedded directly in the switch
  • Certified by Brocade and Cisco
  • No additional latency
  • Simple to use
Smartoptics Solution Brief 8-32G FC SAN Connectivity

32G, 16G and 8G FC SAN connectivity between datacenters

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