Product information

The H-MD-09-xxx-yyy-4C filters are a range of low-loss, passive 8-channel DWDM protocol transparent Mux/Demux units. The channel passbands are wide enough to support all protocols up to and including 400Gbps 16QAM wavelengths. They operate with 100GHz spacing and have a low-loss Extension port so that additional channels can be seamlessly added to increase capacity.

The Extension port is extremely wide, covering 1264 -1630nm which opens for a wide variety of combinations of LANWDM, CWDM, DWDM and OTDR solutions over the same infrastructure. The bandwidth even extends up to 1670, but with a slightly higher loss.

The H-MD-09-xxx-yyy-4C filters have two Monitor ports that tap off 1% of the transmitted and received line signal. This provides the ability to monitor the channel power levels via a connected Optical Channel Monitoring (OCM) device or an optical spectrum analyzer.

There are five products that can be combined in any order via the Extension port.

H-MD-09-921-928-4C, H-MD-09-929-936-4C, H-MD-09-937-944-4C, H-MD-09-945-952-4C, H-MD-09-953-960-4C

The H-MD-09-xxx-yyy-4C is to be fitted in the H-Series 1RU chassis H-CHASSI-1RU.



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