The path to smart 100G connectivity for corporate and service provider networks

An accelerating interest in cloud computing, video streaming and data-replication between sites drives the need for more bandwidth in corporate data centers and networks. In a similar way, growing media consumption and consumer demands for a richer internet experience requires increased broadband communications capacity in service provider networks.

As a result, enterprises and service providers around the globe are realizing the need to up their connectivity solutions to 100G. And when taking this step, they are all on the lookout for efficient, yet financially viable, solutions that meet the requirements of both today and tomorrow

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  • How the requirements for smart 100G network connectivity compare in different scenarios
  • Four key success factors for next generation 100G connectivity for short- to mid-range distances
  • How open line systems meet the needs for smart 100G DWDM connectivity
Smartoptics solution brief - The patch to smart 100G connectivity

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